Timeless style, authenticity and freedom of expression are the core values of Ray-Ban, a leader in sun and prescription eyewear for generations. From its debut in 1937 with the now-iconic Aviator model created for the American Air Force to today, Ray-Ban has maintained  a unique cultural relevance and has become a symbol of cool, worn by celebrities and public figures all around  the world.

Loved and worn all over the world, Ray-Ban is the timeless symbol of style and personality. Throughout its long history – it was created in 1937 and this year it will be celebrating its 80th birthday - the Luxottica Group brand has never failed to live up to one of its distinctive characteristics: the ability to look at the future with curiosity and a pioneering spirit.

A vocation that is expressed in constant research and experimenting with design, materials and the most innovative technologies. By exceeding the confines of high-tech, Ray-Ban has developed Chromance sun lenses: this revolutionary technology emphasizes color contrasts for images that are sharp right down to the tiniest detail. Let’s discover them together.

Endless love for colors: Chromance lenses perfectly calibrate the light and make colors brighter and deeper thanks to the special composition of high-contrast pigments.

Exceptional definition of reality: the special, six-layer antireflective treatment helps to maximize contrasts for more detailed textures and outlines.

Maximum protection: the polarizing filter eliminates reflections and glare, ensuring maximum protection from harmful UV rays. All Ray-Ban lenses also undergo strict quality tests that verify resistance to shock, atmospheric agents and other occurrences that could harm the eyes.

Chromance lenses are the outcome of the skillful combination of all these elements, offering vision of unparalleled quality. In addition, a special hydrophobic coating and colored gradient mirror lens coatings also improve the lenses’ high performance characteristics, making them perfect for all situations, from all-terrain sports to everyday’s life.

Presented in combinations with Ray-Ban’s outdoor models – such as Caravan, Predator, Wayfarer – the vision quality, comfort and style of these state-of-the-art lenses have led to a collection of unique sunglasses. Genuine must-haves for dynamic early adopters and for all active and determined people.

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