Style is the true luxury everyone can afford.

When I think of eyewear, I think of something very personal: an expression of a character, a mood, an appearance that identifies the wearer, individuality. Our philosophy at POLAR is to combine experience, passion, creativity and communication to make a fantastic product for everyone. We love change and our collections are ever evolving to always stay on top of trends, of colors and moods.

From small beginnings come great things

Today POLAR is a major player on the international eyewear scene, with a distribution network spanning the globe: a touch of Italy in all the corners of the world. Born in 1993 in the heart of the Italian Eyewear district, POLAR is the essence of Italian style. With 30 years of experience, an ever attentive look at fashion and trends, POLAR today is the largest independent brand of sunglasses and eyewear. Through the passion of its team, a group of young and talented individuals, POLAR® creates the perfect balance of style, quality and service at a competitive price. In 2020, POLAR® brings its trademark selection of shapes, materials, colors, sunglasses featuring Super POLARized® lenses, eyewear and clip-ons in line with the latest trends.

Towards a plastic free world, polar goes green

In 2020 POLAR is stepping up its efforts to preserve our environment. POLAR® has always used a green approach behind the scenes, from recycling to reducing carbon impact derived from its operations, but in 2021 big steps are being taken to bring the fight to the front lines. The new 2021 POP refresh is built with the planet in mind: wisely using recyclable materials to produce recyclable items that minimize the impact on the environment, without compromising on quality and style. The second big step coming in 2021 will be a complete overhaul of product packaging, with the same sustainability in mind.

A life full color

In 2021 POLAR brings a breath of fresh air with its new advertising campaign. Colorful, fun and cool, it takes you straight into the summer. The focus is on our amazing SUPER POLARIZED® lenses and our clip-on line, with imagery reminiscent of Miami, palms and the good life of a summer spent with friends and loved ones. It’s a new direction for POLAR, that brings the brand closer to its audience and that will be featured on media worldwide throughout the year.

For the launch of its newest collection in 2022 POLAR chose to daydream of beauty: colors, art and history of Murano, Burano and Venice. Iconic Italian locations to match the style and design of Polar’s eyewear: pridefully created in Italy.



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