Vinyl Factory 1964

By José Noé&co - New Optical Eye - Eye Design Optics

Welcome to Vinyl Factory 

Like the music that constantly inspires it, the Vinyl Factory collection’s vintage eyewear offers all kinds of style to thrill you with pleasure… so listen to your heart, come on in and check out our creations… Be warned, though: once you go past this page you’re liable to be exposed to some powerful temptations… in the form of stunningly elegant spectacles – retro, classic or extravagant – manufactured with the greatest care and attention to detail. Sunglasses to hide your shy peepers or make the most of your rock-star aura, rousing curiosity, attracting glances, winning admiration… In short, our vintage eyewear will never pass unnoticed; you’ll take these shades everywhere, they’ll be the most essential accessory in your wardrobe, the declaration of your love for music (and ours) and your radical refusal to conform. So come on, have a look through the website and let yourself be captivated by these handsome retro frames and tunes from the Vinyl Factory.



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