The Adrian Marwitz brand stands for uncompromising quality, distinctive design and a clear statement of glasses as a fashion accessory.

"It has been particularly important for me since I founded the company to have the production in Germany. I want to work together with strong partners who can implement my ideas and develop them further with me.”

We use only titanium. A light but also very strong material. This enables special design options, while at the same time being very comfortable to wear. The glasses are very light and fit perfectly!

It is not easy to coat titanium. Therefore we are very proud of the durability of our coating. It provides outstanding quality day after day, year after year!The quality of the coating needs to be experienced, therefore we take special care with how it feels.

"The coating technology allows us to achieve a slightly rough texture - which I love! The combination of clean design and a slightly rough surface gives the glasses not only a high quality look, they also feel great.”



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