John Varvatos

One of the world’s fastest growing menswear brands, John Varvatos has become one of the most coveted designers since he launched the brand in 2000. Varvatos’ designs often draw inspiration from the past only to repurpose these ideas into something entirely new. The result reflects the quality and attention to detail inherent in old world tailoring, while creating luxurious, comfortable style for a modern lifestyle.

The four iconic hallmarks that represent the brand include John Varvatos' initials, a crown, a guitar, and a shield displaying the company's founding date distinguishing the four sub-collections -Classic, Artisan, Bowery and Soho. With unrivaled sophistication and superior quality, the Artisan models showcase a range of luxuriously, refined styles. Impeccable design with tailored lines, Soho explores a range of sophisticated and cutting-edge styles for an elevated level of classic while Bowery offers modern appeal with rock n’ roll flair showcased in signature details such as a guitar-stock inspired hinge for a touch of cool. Lastly, with unmatched aesthetics and timeless style, the Classic line of frames offer a variation of contemporary designs with minimal silhouettes for the clean-cut gentleman.




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