The story of Trussardi, is a story of innovation, exploration, and of pushing boundaries, bringing a comprehensive vision of Italian style to a global market.
First established in Bergamo in 1911 as luxury gloves manufacturer, Trussardi is recognized worldwide as a lifestyle brand known for its excellence, tradition and unique style.
Always evolving, the brand portfolio has expanded with different product categories, such as sunglasses, fragrances, watches, children’s wear, bespoke menswear, and furnishing. Trussardi has been one of the first fashion brands to actively work in the food sector with Cafè Trussardi and Il Ristorante Trussardi Alla Scala.

Trussardi Eyewear pursues the same objectives as the fashion house as it seeks perfection in every area of its expertise. It expresses the brand‘s values of refinement and distinction through its choice of raw materials and finishes, and its outstanding design process is used to create innovative, contemporary eyewear. The Trussardi Eyewear Collection embodies everyday contemporary elegance. Ideal for dynamic metropolitan lifestyles, it blends contemporary trends and Italian design, and it also uses leather – an important part of the brand heritage – in unique new ways.




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