Since 1982 there is our spectacle manufacturer Wollenweber in Bodenbach in the Vulkaneifel.

We are an owner-managed family business that has specialized exclusively in spectacles made of natural horn. Each of our frames is handcrafted and finished with great attention to detail by our employees. This makes us one of the very few German companies still practicing this art.

Our customers include fashion trendsetters or simply people who see their glasses not only as a short-lived fashion accessory but as an expression of their individuality and personality.

Our company founder Dieter Wollenweber first learned his trade in the company Coelln Optik in Senscheid. And he enjoyed a long and intensive training there. He then set up a production facility for Team Optic in Switzerland, where he passed on his skills and knowledge. By the way, he also met his later wife Marita during these professional development years, who dared to take the step into self-employment together with him.

In 1982 the time had come. Dieter and Marita Wollenweber, first-class educated, but only with their creative ideas on the founder’s account, started under challenging conditions and practically out of nowhere in the outbuilding of an Eifel farm in Bodenbach, courageously, cheerfully and passionately with the production of their first own horn glasses. Thanks to the creative talent and inventiveness of the founder, “Wollenweber hornline” was able to make a positive “name” for itself as a manufacturer. Dieter Wollenweber always developed new exciting and optically striking material combinations with the natural material buffalo horn as the first horn eyeglass manufacturer ever. It is an unusually elaborate handcrafted manufacturing process in which the base of every horn spectacle, the horn plate, could be provided with wood or silk laminations and thus completely new and natural colors and shapes became possible.

With the handover to the two daughters Sarah and Vanessa in 2019, it is ensured that the high craftsmanship of horn eyeglass making will be preserved and that these small pieces of eyeglass art will continue to be produced and distributed.



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