Albert I'mStein

Distruted by Yves Heyman


CITY PROJECT : "Brussels and Amsterdam"

Belgium and Dutch markets were the kind of first ones welcoming Albert I'mStein

even during the uncertain circumstance with COVID in 2020 and 2021.

To appreciate that, we launched two models with the capital city name, Brussels and Amsterdam recently.

When I designed these two models, I imagined Belgian and Dutch clients wearing frames which were not temporarily and currently trend, but which suited to their personalities and to desires to be unique.

Albert I'mStein frames are practical, not to artistic to wear daily in any occasions with any style of clothes. However, the most important thing of our frames is to have "FUN & WITTY" design point in share, material, or in color.

Both Brussels and Amsterdam have acetate front with titanium temples having lighter weight and being sustainable to wear everyday practically. On top of that, the bridge design of Brussels and the chunky asymmetric acetate points at the front of Amsterdam express the unique taste of our clients simply but enough.

We love to see our clients having happy daily life wearing Albert I'mStein. We often hear from our clients that the joy from wearing happy eyewear is much more than they expected and these feedback makes our design team think of more and more happy collection.




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