Born in Somerset, England in 1971, Mulberry has been a champion of progressive British heritage for almost 50 years. In this time, it has become inextricably linked to a tradition of craftsmanship and intelligent creativity.

As the largest manufacturer of luxury leather goods in the UK, Mulberry has created some of fashion’s most iconic handbags. Styles from the signature Bayswater to the newcomer Amberley have quickly achieved modern classic status. Today, Mulberry continues a legacy of manufacturing expertise combined with fashion-forward but functional pieces. Designed for modern, everyday lives, the collections represent the versatility and complexity of contemporary Britishness. Borrowing from the archives and British traditions, they reinvent the past to create something timeless: it speaks of the now, but will remain relevant into the future.

"Play with the classic, twist the conventional, use the familiar to make something inspiring and new." – Johnny Coca, Mulberry Creative Director.




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