Veronika Wildgruber Eyewear

first appeared in 2010 with four hand-made frames made in collaboration with the french lunetier Jacques Durand. Following their initial presentationat the Silmo show they immediately won the Silmo d`Or special Jury price. Encouraged by this response the first series production was launched in 2012. From the beginning the emphasis was on research and experimentation, which is also due to Veronika being a product designer. The collection follows a central theme, recognizable from the outset. It is reinvented and translated into different materials and processed to other levels, whilst establishing an unmistakable formal coherence.

100% Transparency

All components and manufacturing steps are entirely made in Europe.
Every frame is delivered with the MANUFACTURING card, a detailed list of the origin of every part and place of production. The whole fabrication process is transparent and traceable for the customer.



We established precious collaborations with our metal and acetate manufactures, all family-owned factories in the province of Treviso and Belluno in the Italian region Veneto.
In the JDO Atelier, our workshop, we are able to make prototypes, limited editions and custom- made frames in-house.



The brand is produced and distribution by Jacques Durand Occhiali Srl, who holds two brands: 
Jacques Durand and Veronika Wildgruber Eyewear.
We are working closely together, supporting and complementing each other.




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