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The words of Oscar Magnuson:

“My background is as an industrial designer. I am into the technical issues of making frames correctly and solving the unique problems in spectacle design, as well as being creative and expressing myself. I am also closely connected to the art world, and in my early career I was involved in sculpture and painting. In my frames, I can marry my interest in art and concepts and ideas to my fascination with the physical creation of the product.

“Generally I like to work with transparencies. I am using purple a lot in different ways. Dark purple for men is something I have explored; a transparent purple doesn’t become as heavy as a solid black, it works very well; it is interesting. I am also using the yellow which for me signals creativity and integrity. I am inspired by personalities and historical or fictional characters rather than objects, so my yellow is inspired by this interesting old guy I saw in Paris wearing this specific yellow with an extra edge that made it creative in a sublime way.”




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