Welcome to Nine Eyewear

Designed in Denmark – handmade in Japan


The philosophy

We wish to share our passion for the unpretentious. This basically means boiling things down to their essence and finding the right balance between form and functionality. Neither more nor less.


The history

Designed in Denmark and handmade by skilled craftsmen in Japan. It is no exaggeration when we point out that all the collections from nine eyewear really are unique. Ever since the first steps were taken in 2010, nine eyewear has set out to create ultra-light titanium eyewear without superfluous details.

The weight of our frames, regardless of shape, color and material has always been just about 9 grams. Hence our name nine eyewear.

Today nine eyewear offers 5 amazing collections. In the third collection we introduced an even lighter material – transparent polyamide – which in collaboration with titanium opened a new world of exciting design possibilities and in the latest addition to our brand, we have conceived the lightest nine eyewear frames ever; nine five – weighing less than 5 grams.



Our mission is to build an international brand, founded on our passion for state of the art production techniques, uncompromised quality and the joy of simplicity.


Jens William Sørensen,



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