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Exciting, poetic, appealing, stylish, original – 5 words that sum up the LAMARCA EYEWEAR collection. Our quest is to create a unique product, to break free of narrow market diktats and follow our dream of creating a superb collection in which every model is the fruit of meticulous attention to detail, from concept through design and choice of colours to manufacture, the artisan tradition reflected in such exclusive processes as engraving, thermoforming and bonding. Behind these processes is a long history of creativity and hand-crafting, the hallmarks of the Made-in-Italy brand, so loved the world over.\r\n\r\nThe idea for the Trisottica LAMARCA EYEWEAR collection sprung from the heart of the Marca Trevigiana area in Veneto, yet another product reflecting the genius of that centre of high-tech manufacturing that has lost nothing of its creative artisan tradition.The LAMARCA EYEWEAR collection, consisting of five “families”



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