Betty Barclay eyewear

With its unparalleled success story, the Betty Barclay brand is one of the leading women’s fashion brands in Germany and indeed internationally.

Betty Barclay offers an attractive lifestyle range embodying high standards, stylish sophistication and fashion expertise.

This is clearly reflected in the brand’s steady growth, the expansion of its own-brand stores and the remarkably high degree to which the female target group identifies with its core values.

Fun and fashion expertise are also reflected in the new Betty Barclay eyewear collection, which will form the perfect addition to the Visibilia range.

Lifestyle meets eyewear in this multifaceted, market-oriented collection. Perfectly designed and realised, it demonstrates great attention to detail, high quality and feminine stylishness.

It goes without saying that the close collaboration of both partners was key to the creation of this collection, a collection which represents another milestone in the development of both the Betty Barclay brand and Visibilia.



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