Mad in Italy came to life in 2010, in the province of Belluno, northeast Italy, in what can be defined as the "Silicon Valley" for the eyewear industry.

The project was founded by frame manufacturer Vista Eyewear who played with the words Made in Italy to express their Italianness and a little bit of crazy creativity. The factory combined more than thirty years of experience with a hint of irony.

To dedicate even more focus and energy to the brand, in 2018 Mad in Italy S.r.l. was founded. A company dedicated to lifting the brand to a higher level and worldwide distribution.

The company's warehouse is in Alano di Piave and remains rooted in Italy, where women and men dedicate their careers to this small but also fundamental object of design.

The brand values are strictly connected to the collective image of Italy and the love of life.


Mad in Italy is inspired by the hint of madness that characterizes the Italians. A chromosome that doesn't make them crazy, but makes them do those fantastic things that are on edge between madness and normality. It's something smart and sophisticated, hard to put your finger on but clear when it is completed, from the smallest object to the most significant piece of art.

Mad in Italy is inspired by the beauty of Italy. It's an area incredibly blessed with breathtaking natural beauty and the highest number of cultural heritage globally. The brand wishes to celebrate its beautiful country in different ways, from the name of the glasses to the advertising campaigns.

Mad in Italy aims at spreading a message of joy, the essential value nowadays. By wearing a Mad in Italy frame, we hope to inspire to enjoy the smaller things in life, like the taste of a good meal… Better if it's pasta! :)

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