Linda Deplacie has been a known face in the eyewear industry for a long time, she began her career modelling and her dream destination was Japan, in 1985 she went to work as a model in Tokyo for about 4 months. One day in Tokyo she saw a striking spectacle store, stepped into the shop of Lunetta Bada and bought a few frames that she loved.

Back in Belgium, she showed it to the best and most fashionable eyeglass stores and the orders were coming in, that was the start of a long career in the optical world. Not always the most obvious brands but always very original, qualitative and exclusive. Together with partners she created a distribution company by the name of Best Regards Europe to launch the brands like Lunetta Bada, Rossanna, Men’s Club, Kata Eyewear, Hanaé Mori on the European market.

Later she started working as an exclusive agent for the American label Blinde Eyewear and launched the Belgian collection of Michel Henau, also has worked together with Paul Smith, Marni and Victoria Beckham to launch there eyewear in the Benelux and played an important role in launching Bugatti eyewear. 

Since 2004 she has been profiling herself with her current company 4 I’s (for eyes) Exclusive Eyewear Agency, especially in the Benelux market as THE agency for several exclusive well known international eyewear brands from Los Angeles: Oliver Peoples , Chrome Hearts eyewear and Jacques Marie Mage , from Japan Matsuda and Yohji Yamamoto and from German : Lunor

Originality, Quality and Exclusivity is what we represent and you can find it in all our brands ,for more information check this site! 

We only work with the independent optic business and concept store.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!



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