The birthplace of our brand essence is the most lively, creative & inspiring Viennese district called Neubau. We created an eyewear brand that answers the needs of young and trendy individuals that populate the planet. At the same time we are providing the full service & support that our company has been well known for decades.

By combining the contemporary face of Vienna, with our long term background in eyewear industry, we are able to bring something new into the eyewear market. A fresh Viennese twist on high quality eyewear. This is what makes us different from any other brand on the market.

Urbanity and sustainability combined with authenticity and ingenious wit, that's how you could describe neubau eyewear. Because we want to keep up vibrating hubs like Neubau and at the same time treat our environment with respect, we started SEE & DO GOOD.


stands for our efforts to respect the environment and to enjoy aesthetics at the same time. Conscious consumption and forward-looking production are the focus, and it starts with the material of our frames, but also affects the material of our spectacle case, cleaning cloths, our POS material, as well as the support of social projects empowering nature in urban surroundings.




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