We long to escape from the daily grind, long for a sense of life and freedom. For more time to spend outdoors, to experience nature with all its facets and elements. So it is not unexpected that this season we are also inspired fashion-wise by nature. NATURAL CONFIDENCE is the metatrend that stands for a world of quiet and simple colours. We enfold ourselves in comfortable materials and simple colours such as soft cream and pastel shades, nuances of brown such as sand and earth shades or even green shades, combined with brightly coloured accents in all variations.

The trend does not apply just to colours and materials, however. Monochrome looks, loose cuts, classic lines and wide silhouettes – harmoniously coordinated with nature – make a clear statement and radiate self-confidence with every detail of their design. BRENDEL eyewear, too, is convincing with a range of feminine styles true to the motto of NATURAL CONFIDENCE! The new Spring Summer 2022 collection focuses on the essentials and celebrates NATURAL CONFIDENCE in every model – with natural femininity, a confident attitude and freedom-loving elegance.




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